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Ski Vacation Planning-The New Thanksgiving Tradition!

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Whatever your Thanksgiving traditions, this year is the year to add one more: booking the family ski trip! Many local businesses offer outstanding discounts for early reservations.  From booking rooms, to transportation, to equipment rentals, now is the time to take action.

We are excited to offer 25% off rentals for adults and 50% off for kids package if you book before December 15th. Keep in mind that there is a black out on the discount from December 24th– January 1st, as this is the busiest week of the whole year and we will sell out of rentals. If you are a woman with a size 8 foot or man around 5’7-5’8, make sure you have advanced reservations, as last year the whole town of Park City was sold out of common sizes of equipment.   If you can take the time to book a flight, a hotel room, and transportation for your ski vacation, don’t forget the critical need to book skis!

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving and happy planning!