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Do I have to pick up my equipment on the date and time I requested?

No, you can pick up early or late and we will adjust your reservation for you at pickup.  We understand that winter travel doesn’t always go to plan and only charge you for a deposit when you make your reservation.  If you are able to pick up early and get an extra day, great! We’ll add it on.  Flight come in late, or someone needed a nap? If you don’t make it in on the date your originally reserved, no big deal, we can take a day off.

Can I pick up my equipment the day before I plan to use it?

Yes, you can pick up your equipment anytime after 3pm and not be charged for the day, although we recommend if you can, wait until after 5pm when the rush of returns is over.

What is the best time to pick up equipment?

If you are taking a ski lesson that starts in the morning or want to be on the lifts when they start turning, we recommend you come and pick up your equipment at least the night before.  Mornings are our biggest rush with everyone trying to pick up their equipment right before the lifts start turning.  If you have more time in the morning, come in at 10am or after and the morning rush should be over.

Are helmets included in my rental package?

Helmets are not included in the package, because many people now travel with their own helmet.  We do have helmet rentals and strongly suggest everyone renting skis or boards use a helmet.  We also have helmets for purchase in all of our shops.

What does the equipment protection plan cover?

If you get the equipment protection plan, any damage that occurs to the equipment will be covered. Loss or theft is not covered.


Can I pick up my equipment at one location and drop it off at another location?



A $20 dollar deposit per person is collected when the reservation is made. During the 20/21 COVID pandemic, deposits are refundable right until before equipment is picked up.